Friday, September 08, 2006

One down, 35 to go.. the end of the first week of school. I am tired, the kids are tired, and we are off to an awesome start. This year is different for me in lots of ways. First off, I am teaching not only 7th grade math, but also 7th grade social studies. The focus of the ss curriculum has changed since I last taught it. Now we cover Eastern Hemisphere, so this will be quite an adventure.

I also feel like it is a totally different year because I rearranged my classroom tables to an entirely new look. With laptops, my choices are limited, but I found a way to create 4 pods of sorts. After 1 week, I really think I like it better. There is more flexibility to separate students, and definitely more room to allow me to get to them. I was worried the kids couldn't see the board as easy but so far, it seems just fine.

Without Linda in 7th grade, I feel a disconnect between the 3 of us - not that it is anyone's fault, but Linda was always the organized one who kept us focused and on task. Who will keep us there now? NOT ME!! I had to dig out the AR point goal chart to copy for all of us, and all I could think was FOR CRYING OUT LOUD... mine is probably the wrong one people!! What are you thinking???

The kids are an interesting group. I have heard soooo many negatives about them as a group, and about specific students. It seems every "troublemaker" comes with a ton of "you just wait" stories that make me even more determined to hammer out the problems and make it work.
Without detention to send them to during the day, I think we will all be forced to rethink classroom management. I have never been one to send students often, but on that occasion I needed to, it was certainly a relief to have that option.

Mostly, I think I am just brain-tired from the constant neediness of them all this week. They are getting into the routine of coming in, starting their math starter, being ready when the bell rings, etc... but some of them are SO lost... J. who just spent 2 years in 6th grade is the worst. He didn't even manage to get his name written on his notebook, he can't remember to push his chair in, and when he leaves my room ( and I have him 3 HOURS of the day!!) he leaves EVERYTHING laying on his table as he walks away. Of course, he comes to class with nothing, so maybe I should stop sending him back to get his materials and then he wouldn't have anything to leave??

Next week will be another week... the routine will start to fall in place. RIGHT???? I know, it won't be long and it will be June and I will be crying they are leaving :-)