Sunday, April 25, 2004

After grading the fraction quizzes from Friday, I just want to cry... the majority were absolutely HORRIBLE. I'd swear those students had not been in class the past few weeks had I not seen them there with my own eyes. But ah... the success of Kim... 109 %!! I was happier than she was I do believe. But she was one of those 6 who stayed after to study Thursday, and it really made a difference for her. And there are a handful not finished. Several others got decent grades, and I have to remind myself that of those 12 on Independent Study, there would have been at least 10 A's there.

Now onto other stuff - we will hit upon scientific notation, decimal place value and value - and Denise gave a great idea yesterday - we are going to go outside and shoot baskets - then we will look at the ratio/percent of basket shots and made!! Some will love that. But some, alas, will be turds... of the one young lady who NEVER can lighten up and enjoy life. Last week, I had a student beg to work with a partner. At the beginning of year, I almost always allowed partners/groups for most everything. But lately, I admit, I've been a grouch. WHen the young man begged, I said on one condition:place your hand on your heart, and hold up the other and repeat after me. Then I went thru a ridiculous litany of I promise work WITH my partner, not copy from my partner. I promise to speak only in a quiet voice to my partner and not YELL across to the room to others, and so forth. EVERY student all day, until this one young lady last hour, who refused to participate. WHAT A GRUMP...and then on Thursday's math starter - I wrote - In your journal, 5 tiimes write: I promise to study for my fraction quiz tonight. Again, same thing - she wrote that she was sorry to inform me she could not write that because she doees not lie and she was not going to study. I wrote back (rather catty I know...) that I was sorry to inform her that would not get credit for her entry...

But I chaperoned Fun Night Friday and that was a blast - I have to remind myself to make time to enjoy them so I do not lose my grip with reality and sink into this ever-widening abyss of darkness I feel somedays. We laughed, we danced, we sang to the live (albeit it horrid) band of high schoolers. I came away rejuvenated...

Connie is nearing the end of her class at NMU - she is such a nervous wreck. I remember those days and do not envy her. She will be fine - she is just toooo enabling - too kind hearted - too gullible with those little "help me"s the kids want to throw her way. I like to think I was that soft-hearted at some point but I think I was always more of a realist - no pencil - hmm... too bad... forgot your stuff in your locker again... too bad... did not copy examples from board... too bad.... Don't get me wrong - I don't expect them to be perfect - just actually attempt to be successful on occasion!!

ahh... Sunday evening... another week ahead - with 6 1/2 to go before summer!! WE CAN DO THIS!!

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