Tuesday, November 30, 2004

We have really been using the laptops lately in math class. We are in Variables and Patterns in CMP and my kids can whip off a spreadsheet and graph in such an amazingly short time. I feel we are spending more time analyzing the graphs, getting deeper in their understanding of the why's and what's than ever before.

Of course, there are always a few who totally baffle me as to how to MOTIVATE them to do anything.... but overall the participation of this group is amazing.

Where will we head next in math.... I am really struggling with the Grade Level Content Expectations and making progress through them and still incorporating the computer component. I feel what we are doing, we are doing extraordinarily well, but we will NEVER get to it all this year. My pacing is so off.... I am struggling with finding ways to use the computers meaningfully as we get into other units. I want them to be used, daily if possible...

EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS... We are making plans to attend our first hockey game - I will send home permission slips tomorrow with 7th graders. They are SOOO excited. We can only take the first 40 so I think we will get enough without a problem.

Tech kids here soon... the second group is so much EASIERto deal with than the first was :-) thank you LORD!!!

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