Monday, September 20, 2004

I can't believe it!! 3 weeks of school are done already. We've accomplished great things already, but so much more to do:-)

The laptops are here - finally ready to go. When I got here this morning, MY Cart with my 30 beautiful babies was waiting for me. They worked wonderfully so far - I am not sure how we will keep them powered all day every day - it is almost impossible to get the cords in and out. Even my Discourse works:-)

The kids are still awesome - we are writing algebriac equations - they are catching on so quickly this year.Even the difficult patterns, it seems they just "get them" right away.

They are also excited about the computers - we will step back and get them out Wednesday and learn about some basics like getting them out and back in cart, Give Me 5, guilty if you click out, those things. As far as using them in class, really using them, maybe I will get into it next week when we start our cereal box project. I want to get through some of the CMP Variables and Patterns box before we move on too far from it.

FTl - WOW! The training in Shepherd last week was just simply wonderful. So much fun... we were a powerful group even if I am bragging about us. I re-met lots of folks from June, and met many new people - still by and large an amazingly positive group of folks. What a great way to network and share new ideas...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

WOW! If today is a true indicator of things to come, this group will do well with graphs. We went over vocabulary words, and they really seem to be picking up on the big ideas, even dependent and independent variables, which are always so tough for 7th graders to keep straight. Tomorrow we head outside to collect data in our jumping jacks experiment, so they are all excited.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

The first week of school went by so quickly I am still waiting to catch my breath. Things went well, all in all. This group of students seems like a pretty capable and willing group overall. We did basically procedures and rules, a few getting to know you kinds of things. Friday students partnered up to complete a short "The Three Little Pigs Come to Math Class" activity that allowed me to informally assess their basic math skills. I was impressed by the problem solving abilities of many of these kids. Listening to them talk it out with a partner how to solve problems always is fun for me.

My 6th grade tech class - yikes... If I can just get them where we can consistently log in and open a document or the internet by the end of next week, I will be impressed. One has to wonder what exactly do they do in elementary computer classes???

Next week, in math we are starting graphs, patterns, algebra. I am excited to see how well this group can do :-)