Monday, January 17, 2005

grrrr..... It was ONE OF THOSE DAYS....I don't know if it was because it was Monday, because there was a snowstorm raging outside, because I came to school in a very pro-kid state of mind, or a combination of all of the above... but I could have walked away and gone to McDonald's and said HIRE ME... without even giving it much thought today.

The kids were loud, chatty, catty, rude, disruptive, disrespectful.... They did not want to pay attention, and we were doing something new - adding integers using a number line model... so when I expected them to be able to attempt the new skill independently... they could not even give it a valiant effort for the most part. And it was not just those predictable few who were not with me, it was a majority of them. They were either daydreaming, talking among themselves, putting on lip gloss (BIG GGGGGRRRRR......), reading their AR book, most anything but watching me at the board. I was so annoyed and frustrated and ultimately impatient, which really did not help the situation at all....

Why are some days so difficult, and the rest of the time, days go by.. day after day, week after week... things running so smoothly one becomes complacent? And then a day like today, that is so absolutely outside the realm of normality, it makes me question my reasons for being a teacher at all??

But as frustrating as today was, I know... I trust.... I have to believe... tomorrow will start with a clean slate... and my sweet angels will return... RIGHT??? :-)

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