Thursday, February 03, 2005

If we survive integers, I will be amazed. The most frustrating part is the kids who don't get it. I don't know what else to try, honestly. So many of my lower kids, the ones who usually struggle, are picking up on this so easily now. It is the higher end kids who are lost - who keep saying they don't get it. Part of me just wants to scream - it really is not that complicated!! But the 7th grade teacher in me knows it is so abstract for them at this age, that yes, it is that complicated.

Tomorrow we will take time to write letter to Governor Granholm to ask for her continued support of the FTL program. I hope I get some really good letters that may impact her decisions on allocating budget funds.

The spelling bee was tonight... alas, my little Frank who begged me to be there, went out on his first word. ACHIEVEMENT.... but of course it was not his fault - the judges were blocking his view of his dad, he could not see me, either(although I had a clear view of him...) blah, blah... that poor kid wanted it so badly... and winning would have really boosted his self-esteem but sometimes in life we take the hard licks... he just seems to get more than his fair share.


Anonymous said...

I suggest using a number line to use as a guide which will visualize the relationships between the numbers. You can make small number lines to hand out to the students, and make a poster size of a number line on your wall to exhibit the number relations.

cossondra said...

Thanks - we do use number lines. I use the Accentuate the Negative CMP book and number lines are a big component. My kids are doing OK I think... thanks for the help!

Soccer Mom said...

Is there a reason why your 'lower' kids are getting this concept more easily than the 'high end' kids?

Or is this unusual?

I'm interested!

Wonderful blog----glad I found you.

cossondra said...

Hi Catherine... I think the reason the lower level kids do better with integers is that they just trust and do. The higher end kids are not so quick to just take new things on faith - that's good. They want to really understand and push me to help them gain those deeper conceptual ideas. They want to not only perform the operations, but understand the whys and hows of how integers work.