Monday, August 29, 2005

The first day is over. It went by like a whirlwind. With students only beingthere for half the day, it was like herding cattle to get them through theirschedules. I am really excited for a couple of reasons though. The 7thgraders I have this year, I had for tech class last year so no learningnames this year! They already know me and my expectations somewhat. Ialready know them and their temperaments. I think it is going to be a greatyear.Another reason I am excited is our new math program. After 10 years of usingConnected Math, we have gone to a more traditional series, using GlencoeMath 2, Math 3 and Pre-Algebra (eventually Algebra) in a hopes to get moreof our high schoolers ready to take Calculus as seniors. While there wasmuch I loved about Connected, it was difficult for many of our students,parents were unhappy, and it did not meet our Michigan standardseffectively. I feel intrepid about following a text since I have alwayspretty much winged my way through the year, with my classes workingprimarily on project based learning experiences. But with this newcurriculum/text, I will be expected to adhere more to the "norm".The kids were great - so excited to be back. Several of us had gottentogether last week and decorated the halls with posters, crepe paperbanners, and HUGE WELCOME BACK banners with cute little stick peoplerepresenting all the staff. I also hung a banner by the student bathroomsthat said, "Sign your name if you are happy to be back in school." By the time the dismissal bell rang today, it was full of signatures, validating our efforts.

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