Thursday, May 24, 2007

One of my favorite things all year is the end of the year evaluations I have my students fill out. It is pretty simple, mostly true/false questions. The last few though allow them to write in responses: Describe math class in one word. Describe Mrs. George in one word. Any last thoughts?

The best ones, the ones I treasure the most, are the one work descriptions of me. This year was no exception. It has been a tough year and I truly expected many responses to be negative. I have felt like the wicked witch of the west most of the time and thought the responses would reflect that.

The list was so validating: fun, helpful, peachy, energetic, leading, great, etc... but my two favorites? ecstatic and exotic!! I am not sure where either of those came from... not words I would use to describe me at all, but wow.. I feel like they had a good year despite it all.

I of course did get one negative comment. One said sitting through class was hell. S/he hates math and the class and it was torture every day. :-(

I have to let that one go... it troubles me greatly...

but the thank you's and the "I had my best math year ever" "You are my favorite teacher ever
"You made math fun"... those comments really make up for the one negative. I just wish I could somehow make it up to that student....

The year is winding down. THe last day is June 7. Next week is 7th grade camp. Tomorrow is the end of year auction. For the past marking period I have given out tickets for "good" stuff - bringing your materials to class, having homework completed, etc.. I bought tons of junk: pop, candy, treats... (I know, I know... don't lecture me please!!) and tomorrow, those tickets will be their bids on all kinds of goodies. It will be a fun day for all of us! I can hardly wait!!

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