Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wow.. it really is almost over. Two more half days with the kids and the 07/08 year is gone. It feels like it is ending too soon, like I am not quite ready to let them go. I know I feel this way every year, but as much as I have been gone lately with my husband's surgeries, it is like a disconnect. There is much I wanted to enjoy and share with these kids that just never happened.

Class evals were yesterday and I am always so humbled by the responses, the positive thoughts and comments they have to say. The best one this year was "Mrs. George is a joy to have in class". That is my favorite report card comment about my great students, and one of my young characters wrote that on his paper. How cool... I had more kids than ever write their names on them too. In some ways, I prefer anonymity, I encourage them NOT to write names, but I love it that they are comfortable enough to say whatever to me and sign their name to their thoughts.

Planning for algebra continues to stress me out. I already have a dad wanting his daughter put in there who is not ready. I talked to her at great lengths about why algebra is not the best placement for her, but she is convinced she can do it. I truly hope I am wrong and she zooms through with flying colors next year. I love her to death and she is one of my "favorites" but i have watched her work her butt off this year trying to maintain an A in my class because that is the home expectation. I just don't see that happening next year. She is not ready for the major abstract shift of algebra. But dad and she are determined.... I have no choice.

fun stuff the next 2 half days with awards, watching NUMB3RS, kickball, Survivor challenge, etc... and then, it will be over and I will cry, again....

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