Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's been a long, tough 2 weeks. My biggest challenge has been trying to keep both of my prealgebra classes together despite the weird schedule. Part of me thinks I should have just pushed forward with the group not missing class due to testing. Part of me knows it is easier for me, and the kids to have those 2 groups together. However, the logistics of 'entertaining' them for the extra time drive me bonkers. We have played games, drawn Cartesian Cartoons, played online math games, board games, etc... But my patience is drawing to an end. One more day, one more day....

It is enormously easier for me as far as planning, to have both prealgebra classes together. I already prep for 3 different subjects, so having those 2 classes together keeps that prep from growing to 4. It makes things like writing the day's work on the board easier - which sounds petty- but in all reality, I don't have room to write 4 subjects!! The classes being in the same place also means the kids can help each other, regardless of which class they are in. And last but not least, I am so scatterbrained I am not sure I could remember which class has done what, who has what homework due, and manage to keep it all straight in my head! Just juggling the 3 different classes already pushes my mental capacities to their limits.

After tomorrow, it will be an irrelevant issue thank goodness. The last of the MEAP's are finished in the morning, and life can get back to normal, FINALLY!

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