Tuesday, December 08, 2009

There's nothing quite the like the forecast of a winter storm to get middle schoolers excited. (OK, middle school teachers as well!) Living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula makes winter travel interesting to say the least. We average about 200 inches of snow per year. Snow days, though, are few and far between. Our bus drivers are known for their ability to make it through the worst conditions, down back winding unplowed roads picking up children before daybreak and delivering them back safely long after the sun has gone down. If we had a snowday every time we got several inches of snow, we'd truly be a year-round school.

There is a long standing middle school superstititon that if students wear their pajamas inside out the night before the storm is forecast, there will be a snow day. I don't know how accurate this is, probably right up there with walking under a ladder causing bad luck and finding a penny head up bringing good luck, but who knows!

  • All day, I have been prepping my students of the rest of the week's schedule in the event of one or two days off.

    Map quiz is STILL on Friday, no matter what, yes, even if I have to come to your houses to give to you individually :)

    State graph for math class is due the first day back in
    Yes, I will adjust the due date for PowerPoints.

With tonight and tomorrow's forecast predicting 2 feet + of snow, I know **I** will be sleeping with MY jammies inside out! If you wouldn't mind doing the same... who knows!!


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Though I live far away (Maine) we are also expecting snow tomorrow. Like Michigan, it takes a lot of the white stuff to get school canceled. I always laugh when two inches of snow causes chaos in the southern states, don't you?

Unfortunately, tomorrow's one of those annoying storms that won't start until the morning commute but then will get bad during the day. So the sup't wakes up and sees just a dusting and thinks, "Oh, this isn't so bad, I'm not canceling for this." Although, we tend to have better luck on the first snow of the year because no one's worrying about using them up yet. Last year we did use all five. :) Good luck and I love the PJ thing!

cossondra said...

Yes! I grew up in Mississippi and flurries in the air meant school was cancelled. Quite the change for me here, for sure.

I am a bit concerned about us using our alloted days/hours off this year. We had 3 days off already for flu so that puts us in an intrepid situation. I have all the faith in the world our transportation director will make the right call at the right time, though he has been known to take a bribe on occasion ;)