Monday, March 15, 2010

The ups and downs and ins and outs of every day life at school can take the most interesting twists and turns when we try to sort out what needs to be done, what we want to do, and what truly is in the best interest of our students.

It is spring in Upper Michigan for some strange reason. The spurt of warmth we are experiencing, with 50 and 60 degree days is just wrong! We should be shoveling snow, not watching daffodils and daylilies poke their heads up through the ground. Typically a blanket of several feet of snow would still lie silently across the landscape for another month or so. Then I would be to the point in my math curriculum to start going outside and doing some activites relating math to the real world.

But this weird weather is throwing a monkey wrench in my plans. What to do??? Do I jump ahead, and head outdoors where they all WANT to be?? Then we will be off-track, a bit befuddled in the overall BIG PICTURE. Does it matter?

Spring break is another 2 weeks away.... and we all want to be outside. Maybe I need to reconsider...... *sigh*

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