Friday, March 25, 2011

Today, the day before spring break, the last day of the third marking period, I'd like to offer you a little magic dust.

The school year feels as if we've finally hit our groove. The kids and I understand each other. We've found our ways to get along and git 'r done, so to speak.

Some of that is attributable to them, and their determination and perserverance. I am constantly 'magic-ed' by the tenacity of some of my students and their unwillingness to let their limitations limit them. I love the excitement in their faces when they GET IT, especially when they thought they couldn't. I love the pride that shines when they earn that hard-sought, definitely earned A on an assignment, particularly a difficult one, a chapter test, or something other huge obstacle.

Some of the groove is me, finally finding my pace with them, this hodgepodge of differentness compared to years gone by. Learning to accept, but challenge, encourage but not overwhelm, be patient but relentless.... it is always a balancing act with any group of students, without a doubt, but in special ed, it seems that balance is even more tenuous than in the regular classroom.

It's been a winding road this year, with obstacles I thought I'd never climb through without dynamite.

But here we are... in the home stretch. And... we're going to make it. :)

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