Monday, May 09, 2011

The best field trip ever?? without a doubt...

The most interesting field trip ever??? without a doubt!

The most things gone wrong on a field trip? I don't even have to count to know THAT one is true!

From the trailer door, where the luggage and snacks were stored, flying open shortly after we left school; to the flat tire which stranded us for 2 hours along I-75 and cost $647 to fix, made us late to our dinner reservation & the Tigers game; to two chaperones getting sick; to an overflowing toilet resulting in a middle of night move for a group of girls; to a steady rain downpour at the zoo.... to all the other little incidents.......

WHAT A GREAT TRIP!! The kids were amazing. I've never heard so little complaining, so many "thank you's" and "I'll do that's" and such an overwhelmingly consistent positive vibe from the masses, no matter what happened, no matter the inconveinence. They smiled, they laughed, they apologized. They were the BEST group I have EVER taken ANYWHERE.

They loved the food, they loved they activities, they did what we ask them to do without questioning or complaining. All the hard work beforehand seems irrelevant now. Even my tired old aching bones and body don't mind now.

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