Monday, February 13, 2012

Mike needed a partner so I am sitting next to him. He keeps asking me to sniff his shirt, but there are some lines I will not cross, and sniffing students is one of them. It is blogging time in 8th grade English so if I am going to sit next to Mike, I have to blog along with him so if this entry seems a bit out of context and the norm for my posts, please just read along, laugh when appropriate and enjoy.

Poor Mike cannot get his netbook to log in for some reason. The WELCOME logo is simply spinning. I should get up and get his notebook so he can blog the old fashioned way, but watching him sit and sweat is too amusing.

Casey just got detention for talking during blogging time but she says she won't show up in Mr. Krehbiel's room before school for it. I hope she doesnt' end up getting suspended for it.

Mike's computer is still trying to log in but he needed tunes so I hooked him up to my iTunes account The Band Perry singing You Lie, which was all going well until Mike pulled too hard on his earbud cord and then the music blared for everyone to hear so now I am embarassed.

I wonder why his computer is soooooo slow today. Sometimes having netbooks is more trouble than just not having them at all. I wonder if anything is to be gained by blogging online over the good old fashioned pencil/paper method. If their blogs weren't set to private, so others could read and respond, I could see a greater value for sure, but the way it is now, I am not sold on the idea.

10 mintues is up!! bloggging done...

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