Monday, May 07, 2012

Part of writing an IEP involves interviewing a student about their future plans, what they want to do after high school, what their plans for additional education are, what they want to do in their free time, where they want to live, etc... It is usually an insightful conversation with students, at least those who will open up and share their dreams with you.

I've learned about kids who want to open their own cake decorating business someday, one who wants to open his own landscaping company, cutting lawns, plowing snow, etc... I've talked to kids who want to go into the military, wanting to travel, see the world, who do not feel realistically they are cut out for college, or ones who think the military is their financial ticket to further education down the road. Rarely, do I get a student who has no dreams, no idea what they want.

Today's interview was the opposite. He plans to live in his mom and dad's house, or one exactly like theirs. He wants a 'decent' job, but one where his boss" will tell him every day step by step what to do". He said he, "doesn't want to have to think, just do as I'm told."

As I typed the answers, I was saddened to think of the limits this young man is putting upon himself, the box he is building. And I wondered.... is there a way to help him out of that box, a way to help him see his potential, and the limitless possibilities his future holds?

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