Friday, February 15, 2013

I've just finished two online classes. I realized my teaching certificate expires next year, and with the chaos my life has been the past year, I have no idea if I have enough credits or even where to begin to gather them. So.. I signed up through Learner's Edge and Marygrove for 6 grad credits. 

Interesting to say the least. 

The materials for the classes were great. I loved the readings for both classes. I dove in headfirst, diligently completing assignments and whipping them off to be 'evaluated'.

Imagine my disappointment when the comments were things like:
"I'm excited to read your thoughts! Keep up the good work!"

"I hope you are able to apply some of what you are learning to your own classroom."

Comments that were easily written by someone who probably had at MOST scanned my laborious answers. 

This is what gives online learning a bad name. Did I learn stuff? Probably... but could I have just as easily blown off the classes and still earned the credits? Absolutely. 

The credits were relatively inexpensive and will meet the requirements to renew my certificate. No harm no foul I guess. I just feel like my investment didn't exactly net me any long lasting personal growth.

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