Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today is the last day of MEAP testing. Whew... I am sure glad THOSE scores will be used to evaluate me.

Disruptive students.

Wrong audio version of tests so students were cycled in and out of classroom. Once they realized when they were done, they were allowed to leave and go have 'free time' next door, none of them wanted to do anything but be DONE.

One day the room was freezing cold. Another day it was so hot we sweated just sitting still.

The chairs and tables squeaked with every movement.

The group next door decided to move furniture around loudly.

Another 2 sections took a break in the hall in the middle of our testing.

Tired kids.

Sick kids.

What a nightmare....

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joan said...

I wonder if MEAP is anything like the MAP tests we are suffering through - three times a year! I'm intrigued with the data, but hate the time it takes from instruction and how little attention the kids give the test. I don't blame them. It used to be one big test in April, now it's four tests through out the year. *sigh*