Thursday, March 27, 2014

It seems more days than not, I feel like a failure. It seems too often I focus on what's going wrong, instead of believing things are going right. But the past few days have given me some pats on the back that were need.

Today is a half day for parent teacher conferences. As always, I wrote the shortened schedule on the board, along with the day's plan. One student asked, "WHAT TIME DO WE GET OUT??"

Another answered,"It's on the board. Mrs. George ALWAYS has everything we need to know written up there!"

Wow.. I write it every day, but sometimes, I wonder if they ever read it, notice, or care. A little positive affirmation goes a long way. I need to remember that with my students, always looking for ways to show them I do notice their efforts, their progress, their things they do right, all the time. I have to remember that for them, those positive affirmations I give may be the only ones they get in their lives, the only ones they get all day at school, and be more intentional in my affirmations for them.

Another pat on the back came from a different student who saw the employee of the month on the school's home webpage. She asked how to make ME employee of the month. The link on the website didn't work, and honestly, she probably wouldn't have completed the form anyway. She struggles to write and is very self-conscious of her mistakes. But her asking, and the others chiming in to agree with her, were worth more than any award from the district could ever be. I just need to know sometimes that they know I CARE.

But now.. it's parent teacher conference time, time to brag them up if anyone actually shows up!

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Jackie Cissa said...

Hello Cossondra! I am a student teacher navigating this crazy world of middle school and I recently found your blog. I just want to thank you for the honest and inspiring reflections that you post. I am teaching 6th grade inclusion classes and find it quite overwhelming at times! Education has been my lifetime passion (I am 46 and have two teenagers!)but sometimes I feel really inadequate. I can tell that you are an incredible teacher and that you truly care about the kids! Thanks so much for sharing!