Saturday, June 28, 2014

The end of June...

 the school year's dust has settled, for better or worse.

 It's done.

I've moved past those last few days of school when I just wanted to be DONE, when I couldn't wait for those kids to be GONE... to - gosh I MISS THEM!

So I find myself drawn to the stack of new math textbooks sitting on my home desk, that novel I want to share with students in the fall, and an urgent sense of working on school work, preparing for the fall.

Spread out before me, like birthday presents waiting to be opened.... I find myself once again sucked into school land, excited for the school year, excited to be learning along with the kids, and excited to find my way through another year of adventures.


Davis Partridge said...

Middle school was the grounds for some of my fondest childhood memories. There were dates, fights and all sorts of other adventures. Beyond the friendships, there was also a lot of learning and I will always appreciate my teachers for that.

Davis Partridge |

village teacher said...

I am just like you! Halfway through summer, I'm already eager to get back into my classroom to start preparing.