Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I am so excited for so many reasons!!!

#1 - I may get to go on the 8th grade trip in March - they are headed to Detroit which must be 7 hours on a bus.... but they are short a chaperone and I just love those kids, and know them well, and was the initiater for the 1st 8th grade trip 3 years ago.... the principal said he couldn't see why not...

#2 - We are getting a spec ed teacher for the 7th graders. It's been so screwy all year... with a part time sub for their Guided Study and another teacher in and out of classrooms. Those kids have really gotten the shaft. Now, this lady, very nice lady... will be in my room for math, then go to language arts with the kids, and then have them in Guided Study for 45 minutes. What an absolute gift!! She is working on her LD certification right now, but will be the perfect fit. She and I talked a long time this afternoon, and it jsut seems so right!

#3 - MAMSE is in March and my presentation proposal was accepted... I planned to spend Christmas break getting organized but I just have not gotten the old mindset set... but I am excited at the opportunity. It will be quite an experience... Hands on Math for active middle schoolers... that is just my thing!!

now... the bad.... today, tomorrow, and Friday are half days.... so.... we have alternate schedule - first I talked to my homeroom about camp - they were so excited... then we tried to do the "Fallout Shelter" problem - the one where you have a list of 10 people, World War III, decided which 6 go into shelter... my group... GRRRRR!!! they just WOULD NOT listen to each other - blurting out - rude comments.... we had to stop.... I am so frustrated with their behaviors. The language arts teacher and I were talking after that... she is also at her wits end with several of our lovelies. It is like they are so stuck in their rut of behaviors... how to break the cycle?? They really are not BAD kids... they just seem so unable to control their impulses.

cold tonight - weather man just said 15 to 25 below.... BRRRR!!!

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