Thursday, January 15, 2004

I've got this kid.... don't so many of the thoughts of teachers start this way??? He is with me 3 hours in a row each day and is usually pretty good. He tends to be a bit sarcastic and likes to show off, but not really overly rude, disruptive, mean, or anything. He LOVES to work in the 7th grade store. It is like "his territory". He is very responsible about cleaning, ordering, tidying things up, almost possessive about it.

But... he can be a real BUTT for other people, like most any other adult in the school - other teachers, the principal, subs, lunch ladies, anyone and everyone. THe problem - he got in trouble again today - was pretty much from all accounts, terrorizing the entire front lobby before school today. Little kids, slapping, cursing, picking up, harrasing, just being a general all-around jerk to everyone.

How can I tap into this relatively good relationship he has with me, to help him be better behaved other places without making it seem like I am condoning his behaviors? I am appalled that he'd act this way, but I want him to know that I do still care about him. My gosh... truth be known: he is one of my favorite kids this year. How can I turn this into a positive spin?

grrr....grrr.... note the lower case.... low grumbly growl this time :-(

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