Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Despite our best intentions, kids will be kids. Despite our attempts to contain and control them, they will often get out of hand. It happened here yesterday. Not a big deal. Just an 'accident'.

My last hour class has to pick up there chairs onto the tables before they leave so the custodial staff can sweep first thing in the morning. In an effort to get students to the buses on time, I have them do this chore about 2 minutes before the bell rings every day. Unfortunately, they allows them approximately 3o seconds to act like wild animals released from captivity.

In the ensuing hullabaloo yesterday, suddenly, a young man, one of the "never innocent' ones, was on the floor flailing around, groping his groin and moaning. As the bell rings and they escape, I am trying to find out what happened. Apparently, Student Z hit him in his "McNuggets". Of course, now Student Z is gone, setting a Olympic world sprinting record bolting for the stairs. "Never Innocent" is fine and Student Z confessed his sins to the powers that be and got kicked out of my class for the hour today. (don't go there on the inequity of the punishment and the crime.. it wasn't my choice... I have NO say in the matter!)

Starting today, new policy - pick up chairs and stand at your spot until *I* dismiss you when the bell rings. GRRRRRRRR.... I HATE BEING THAT TEACHER. Why can't they just be for that 3o seconds instead of expelling all their pent up energy from the day in one loud bellow? I know they are kids, and they are hyped up from the day, and excited to be escaping the confines of the school walls, but come on... seriously... can't you stand still for 30 seconds without your hand causing bodily harm to another??

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ckennedy said...

I don't let the kids put their chairs up until after the bell rings and I dismiss them. Seems to work pretty well for me.