Friday, February 19, 2010

We are teaching and learning on the edge of what will be potentially the largest change in education ever seen. Sure, things are different now than in years past, but overall, educational practices have remained stagnant for much too long. School is a give and get setting. Teachers give information, students get information. This paradigm has not changed in the typical school setting since rocks were used to write in dirt.

What will schools look like 10 years from now? 20? even 50? Will we learn to be educators instead of disseminators of knowledge? What role will technology play in the schools of tomorrow?

Today's students are multi-taskers who expect everything to be exciting, engaging and motivating. They demand that their teachers be up-to-date with technology, utilizing it for communication between educators and students, but more importantly, they want technology to be a part of everything they learn. They want to work with other students creating their own paths of knowledge, designing, building, molding the old and the new. They are not satisfied with the here and the now of passive learning, but instead they want to be active and involved.

I see tomorrow's students as the pioneers of a new journey. I see them exploring their own truths and finding their own solutions. I see them excited and involved.

My concern is will our society withstand this transformation. Will be still share a common wealth of knowledge, a basis for what is considered to be an educated individual? Or will that common body of what we have come to expect all to know change?

Will technology isolate individuals into their own little worlds, unable to interact in real time with each other? Will we become a world of computers and screens, only communicating virtually with one another?

What role will teachers have in this new education system? Will we become just the facilitators of learning, independent paths of knowledge pursued by each child?

and perhaps most importantly, how in the world we will ever standardize test all this???? insert dripping sarcasm here :P

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