Monday, May 10, 2010

Thank You Notes inspired me to write this "letter of recommendation" for Mrs. Fair, my 7th grade math teacher.

During my years of school, I had many wonderful teachers, many who touched me in personal ways, serving to create the me of today who now teachs 7th graders math and social studies. Looking back, I feel fortunate to have had all those role models to help me become the teacher I am today.

However, of all those teachers, Mrs. Fair stands out as the one who made the most significant difference in my life. When she came to our junior high, young, pretty, in her impeccable clothes, all of the girls looked up to her, wanting to be like her some day. She always looked the part of the perfect teacher, and best of all, she smelled wonderfully! We were entranced from the start.

Once we got past being mesmerized by her picture perfect appearance, we discovered this wonderful, soft spoken, caring, kind, patient, guiding person who pushed us further than we'd ever been pushed before.

Math had always been mundane, something I had done with rote patience, a task to be completed. But with Mrs Fair, math became exciting, engaging, something that made my mind twist and turn, thinking about concepts in a new way. I was hooked, forever hooked on math! It was fate that someday I would stand in front of 7th graders, trying to impart the same skills to them as she did with me.

Even when I was struggling, she encouraged me. When I was confused, she believed in me. When I wanted to give up, she pushed me harder. Seventh grade was a turning point for me. I learned how to be a student, how to experience success through unconditional teaching. Mrs. Fair was the reason.

Cossondra George

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