Thursday, November 11, 2010

I admit it: I am a huge Survivor buff. But this season has me questioning my alliance with the program.
I always enjoy the variety of walks of life of the castaways. This year, I was excited to once again see a teacher. Naonka is a PE teacher from Southern California. How cool! (or.. so I thought)
Now, I realize this is a game. I realize the producers show us what they want us to see with the clips of the day to day life, the tribal council, etc...
This season, I am embarassed for teachers everywhere to see one of our colleagues act the way Naonka does. Not only does she let the F-bomb fly so often I sometimes forget what her face looks like, she was caught stealing food from her tribe. She is a self-proclaimed bully, liar and cheat.
How does this look to Naonka's students back at home? How do parents feel about this person being a role model for their children?
Again, I know it is a game. I know it is "TV". But come on, if you are going on national TV and telling everyone you are a teacher, could you please ACT LIKE A TEACHER and be morally upstanding in your actions?
Naonka will probably make it to the end, win the million bucks, and retire with more money than I will ever make. Good for her. I think maybe not having her in the classroom as a role model for young people is a good thing.


jlaura324 said...

I am also a teacher and I love survivor and follow it each week. I agree that Naonka is a disgrace and I cannot imagine what her students will say when she returns home. I do not think she will win becuase the jury would not vote for her but if I were in the game I would take her to the final 2 because thats a guarantee win.
On the other hand, teachers are people too and there are all kinds of people out there. I think a lot of us try to keep a "pristine" image in front of our students but that can only take you so in point, I ran into my 12 year old students at a rated R movie that was dispicable for kids that young to be watching. At first I felt embarassed but later that night I realized I shouldn't be- I'm an adult. It's their parents that should be embarassed.
Anyway I don't know if I have a point anymore, but heres my rant :P

cossondra said...

You are right, jlaura324. Teachers come in all sizes, shapes and attitudes. The "us" we show our students in school may be quite different from the real "us". I just think Naonka is over the line and will lose credibility with her students and parents for her actions on the show.

I wouldn't mind sitting in front of the jury against her though!