Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teachers get a variety of gifts at Christmas time. I've received some amazing gifts from students over the years: cards with special notes in them, homemade food, packaged foods, gift cards, candles, mugs, clothes, stuffed animals (new and used), a brass bell with my name on it, Christmas ornaments, books, perfumes, lotions, etc... The list goes on and on of wonderful things students or parents thought I would enjoy.

Today was my first gift this year, from a sweet young lady. She embarassedly handed me a small package tapped to a card in an envelope. The card said "To my favorite teacher, Mrs. George. I hope you like your bracelet."

Opening the box, I found a red and green friendship bracelet this young lady had made for me. I oohed and ahhed and then asked her to tie it on my wrist. She seemed surprised. Her tying job didn't last long so I found her again to tie it tighter, asking her to knot it 3 times this time. I told her I didn't want to lose it. She again seemed surprised and said, "You mean you aren't gonna take it off?"

Looking into her sparkling eyes, how could I tell her that this twisted, knotted, some places braided, some places twisted, this green and red jumble of thread is the most beautiful possesion I have? I know every day she will be looking to see if it still adorns my wrist. And I can assure you it will....

It isn't about the money. It isn't about what the gift is. It is about the love and thought that goes into the gift. A heartfelt note scrawled in a card, and a nickle's worth of thread tangled into a bracelet means more to me than anything that can be bought in a store.

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TJ Shay said...

And this is why I think you are amazing!! Thanks for being a person who has it knotted on her wrist and leaves it. . . The impression you make will last way longer than the thread.