Monday, June 06, 2011

One more of the idiocies of school is final exams. Who decided that giving a test over 'everything you've learned' is necessary. In theory, if students HAVE learned the material, the teacher should know without a doubt the material has been 'asborbed' and doesn't need further validation of that fact. On the other hand, if the teacher isn't sure if they've really learned the material, does trying to convince students to cram all that junk into their brains at the last minute make sense anyway? Good students worry, cram and try to squeeze every last detail into their brains to fill in the bubbles on that exam. Once they put pencil to paper, the minute details dissolve from their long term memory, leaving behind on the real LEARNING that took place over the course of the school year. Less successful students don't bother with studying because they've found their niche in the process and are certain that last minute studying is futile at best. Final exams are a waste... a waste of class time which COULD be spent doing something exciting, engaging and worthwhile those last days of school.

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