Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Technology is great when it works right but it seems more often than not, little gremlins are sneaking around, doing their evil to make anything and everything go wrong!

Today is our first half day of a three day stint for exams. A teacher called in sick. There were no substitutes available so I said I would rearrange my schedule and sub for him. (Being an inclusion teacher for much of the day, means my time is somewhat flexible, depending on what is going on in the classrooms I co-teach in.) I popped in the missing teacher's classroom to see what he had planned for the 100 minute block of time ahead. NOTHING... NOTHING!!! No lesson plans. NO NOTHING!! (We will assume with good will he was too sick to leave something??)

Class starting in just a few minutes, with 20 6th graders.... Most of my stuff is already packed and put away, and my brain is on last week fried overdrive. Think Pooh, think. A movie... that would be the easiest option. Not educational. Not curriculum linked. Guilty as charged. But honestly, it was all I could fathom at this last minute juncture.

Toy Story 3 is still relatively new, and such a fun movie. I quickly called my husband to run in to me. Projector hooked up, speakers going, movie in and queued up ready to go just as the little darlings walk in the door. They are excited! A movie!! That just doesn't happen and they think it is a wonderful way to end the year.

Movie is underway. All is well. *breathe* Then, the projector overheats and shuts off. Plan B. I quickly race to another classroom and steal back my projector and DVD player which another teacher had borrowed. In the process, I manage to disrupt a class of 8th graders taking their final exam as I drop the speakers on the floor. Race back to the other classroom. Try to get it going. Power issues.. what IS WRONG??? OK, that cord is loose. Fix that. Wiggle another cord, and another. Finally, we have picture. NO SOUND though. hmmm.... When I drop the speakers, that cord must have come loose. Click... SOUND!!! 15 minutes lost, but finally.. we are back in business.

End of class. Stop movie to get ready for next class. What's wrong now??? Oh good grief, somehow the DVD slipped out of tray loose into player. Shake it upside down vigorously until it falls out, but now the tray won't close. Oh for crying out loud.... Grab the teacher's laptop, hook it to projector. Racing against time. Nothing works. NOTHING WORKS. Oh... I forgot to hook the cord from projector to laptop. DUH. Hook up cord. STILL NOTHING WORKS. Starting to panic now.... function, F8. function, F8. NOTHING WORKS. NOTHING WORKS. I officially give up. I call the tech person who gathers from my panicked 2 second explanation of the last hour and half of events that I need her NOW. She races upstairs. Thank goodness, it didn't work for her either... that is USUALLY my luck. She uninstalls, reinstalls, works her magic. Has to restart computer. And then.. success :) We are up and running, just as the bell rings and the next group walks in the door.

WHEEEEEWWWW.... Gremlins. I swear. GREMLINS.

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Masquerading Mom said...

That sounds like the my first experience teaching 7th grade math this past semester. (I was assigned to a math classroom as part of my field hours for a course entitled "Literacy in the Middle Grades" and instructed to use literacy strategies in the math classroom. Fun times for all...) NONE of my technology worked--not even the backup plans I had in place (I had two backups just in case). I taught on April Fool's Day---shoulda known...shoulda known...