Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh joy. MEAP's start today. As I sit watching my crew, I am confident I know their scores will be reflective of their effort. Wait... I didn't say the score will be reflective of their KNOWLEDGE or what they learned last year.... I didn't say their score will in any way indicate how well their teacher last year taught..... I said their score will be reflective of their individual effort.

We are less than an hour into testing. So far.....

  • one young man farted loudly, intentionally

  • two are asleep (one stayed up late last night to watch the Lion's game.. not sure why #2 is asleep. I have gently woken both twice.)

  • one had a loud outburst, screaming shut up to another student and asking to go take test in office

  • one was done filling in bubbles almost before I finished reading directions. I don't even think he opened the question booklet

  • one wrote '1948' the blank for school name, even though the school name was written on the board

  • two didn't know what year they were born to fill in that information

Please... base MY pay on their scores.

The ridiculousness of it all is so absurd I cannot even fathom it.

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Jacquie said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have just read your post, although I know it can't possibly make you very happy. I thought it was just "my" kids and "my" school and "my" island. Yours do it too. As sad as it is, it was refreshing for me to hear.