Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today, because of the MEAP's, I am letting my Guided Study kids watching Toy Story 3. You'd be amazed at how 'attentive' they CAN be when it is something entertaining instead of something school related. They are focused, quiet and still. Hmmmmm......

Wouldn't it be amazing if school, all their classes, could be this engaging? Do I need to dress up as a cartoon character every day to get their attention??

Which leads to another question.... are we creating a generation of non-attenders? With all the video games, tv shoes, internet... all of which are highly engaging, fast paced, and bright/loud... are we teaching students/children that if it is not 'fun' they do not have to attend?

How many times are you stuck in a meeting, a training, something, that is less than engaging, but knew you had to absorb the information? How many times have you had to read a manual or some other informational text that you really had little interest in, but knew you needed to get all you could from it?

Life cannot always be engaging. School cannot all be exciting. Sometimes, learning is just boring.... sad truth....

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