Thursday, May 02, 2013

One of my favorite end of the year activities is an auction. I give out tickets for on-task behaviors. Students need to keep track of their own tickets. Then, we have a HUGE auction -  cans of pop, candy, gift certificates, mystery bags, etc... 

I haven't done this in a few years, but considering how tough this year has gone, I thought maybe it would be a fun way to end the year, for students, as well as me. 

I cannot believe how EXCITED they already are! I've been generous with the tickets this first week, no doubt. But they are so INTO the process. I was a bit doubtful because they are   NOT into getting the PBIS tickets we pass out.  They would rather have a small treat from my box than an "Indian ticket" to enter into a drawing for prizes. 

But their enthusiasm has been overwhelming. The positive impact it is having on their behaviors and attitudes is impressive. 

Best of all, it is reviving my own faith in their abilities to BE STUDENTS. 

They have come up with their own little "rules" for when I should hand out tickets. For example, when a student has to go to their locker or bathroom during class, everyone ELSE gets a ticket, since Student A wasn't prepared for class. Never mind that in 5 minutes, another student will ask to go somewhere. It is about the camaraderie as much as the reward I think. 

Now to start collecting treats... 


Unknown said...

That sounds really neat! How do you handle that with all of your students? I have 6 classes a day!

cossondra said...

Logistically, for me this year, it is pretty easy. Since I teach special ed, I have the same students more than one hour. I am doing the auction only with my 7th graders. I hand out tickets in math as well as guided study. The auction will be in guided study class.

When I taught reg ed, it was trickier. I tried to tied it into something 'academic' - social studies or math are both easy. An auction is a lesson in supply and demand, especially if you play the prizes right :)

I could see that doing it for 6 classes would be tough, but possible. You will probably be more limited by prizes for cost reasons, but you might be able to get donations from parents or local businesses.

My favorite part of the auction are the mystery bags. I number them so I auction them off in the correct order. The first one usually doesn't command much interest, but when the student opens their purchase, they find something great - a can of soda and a full size candy bar or something else desirable. Mystery bag #2 - now the excitement is created. Bidding is more fervent. But alas, open it, and find a can of beets. #3, who knows!! I try to have quite of few mystery bags, most of which are something worthy, even if it is just a small treat, but the beet can is the BEST part of the auction.

Try it on a smaller scale to keep your sanity. Only give out tickets to two classes this week, hold their auction. Then do another 2 classes next week. It doesn't have to be drawn out over a month.

Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes!