Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tuesday was auction day. I was a little disappointed because one of my characters was suspended and could not participate. He's had a pretty good year overall, but did something dumb at the last minute. He was the one with the MOST tickets to spend! Darn...

But the auction itself was fun. I had bagged small sandwich bags of assorted candies, had canned pop, Gatorade, full size candy bars, small bars, gum, etc... and of course, the infamous MYSTERY bags. One of them had $5 in it, another $1, one a race car, another a pair of socks, one a can of beets, one a can of green beans, others had a pop and candy. It was HILARIOUS. I think they loved getting the dumb stuff just as much as the good stuff.

Of course, some students, despite seeing the HUGE pile of goodies, bid high to begin with, spent all their tickets foolishly, and had to sit and watch/pout as others enjoyed the rest of the auction. 

At the end, one little guy was the only one with tickets left, and he had a HUGE pile. I offered him whatever he wanted from the pile. Those who had run out of tickets immediately whined, but alas, an economics lesson learned.

They did ask if we would be able to do it again next year :D

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