Friday, October 31, 2003

Halloween should be hazard pay for teachers. The holiday, coupled with the big football game tonight - the first time our high school has EVER been in playoffs (in over 100 years of having a school and team), made for quite an adventure. My 7th graders were so wound up it was almost comical. But in reality, they drove me crazy. I even offered 2 parents who happened to be standing in the hall outside the office across from my room a million dollars to take them for the last half hour... unfortunately, they said no... as did the principal! Of course he just got back from 1/2 hour lunch duty with 200 of them alone in cafeteria so I am certain he had his fill already too.

The good of the day - most of my students not only passed their test on the Canadian provinces, they ACED it with extra credit for the capitals. This is the same group that mostly failed the tests over the US states... hmm.. explain that one, someone please? Even the young man who could not identify Michigan (where we live) on a US test, managed a 92% today... woohoo!!

They are all out trick or treating now and then off to big game... keep them safe til Monday :-)

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