Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Parent conferences are half over - we went from 1-3 and will go from 6-8 this evening. So far so good- I seem to be a stuck record: "Your child is missing many assignments. Your child participates and does well on tests, but does not turn in homework or daily work." I hope this will be a turning point, a positive point in the year.

This morning was another great teaching day, especially in social studies. We had a candy bar auction: 15 candy bars, 30 students, each with $5 of George Bucks (good only in social studies class for exactly $1) - great lesson in supply and demand - lots of fun! I never knew you could sell M&M's for $18!! Of course, the other ss teacher sold a candy for $38!! Talk about profit margin!! WOW! And even better, the class discussion afterwards was quite enlightened. They really picked up on the ideas.

So off to the last parent meetings now...

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