Thursday, October 23, 2003

Thursday - and all is well. What a crazy week! If it weren't for all the extra stuff, we could actually teach school around here :-) Yesterday's guest speaker for social studies (the owner of a local car dealership) talked to students about entrepreneurship, risk taking, profits, making choices to be successful in life, etc.. very motivational - I was impressed! The kids were so awesome & well-behaved. I was proud to call them all "mine" - you know, sometimes they just come through shining and make all the bads times seems so unimportant.

Today my last few kids are finishing their first BIG math unit test. The ones I have graded... oh my gosh! Either 100 % (or close...) or failing. What am I not doing for those failing kids I should be? What are they not doing for themselves they should be? What role do parents have in the failures of their children? How can I reach out to those kids and somehow get them "with me" more of the classtime we have together. Most every failing grade was easily predictable - missing assignments, lack of participation in class.... I try to make math fun, interesting, engaging, relevant... I try to offer help - I am at such a loss.

More papers to grade...

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