Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Math was good today :-) We are still learning about data analysis & stats so we did a worksheet packet on tally sheets and frequency tables. Maybe because it was easy (??) the students worked independently (well... in groups..) without having to have their hand held to write every single answer down! Tomorrow and Thursday should be awesome - we have rare computer lab time reserved so the kids are going to do some research online for stats. It should be easy for them to find what they need since I have links to everything they need at my webpage. Later we will go back and they will be able to research topics they choose but for this initial exploration, I chose the topics carefully so they would have little frustration and be able to find lots of information.

Social studies was OK - they are SO chatty still, again... and I had to send 2 to detention - I almost think they planned it - they are best buds. I am still contemplating giving them an hour on top of the detention they had. Maybe I will wait and see how tomorrow goes?

One of my frequent absents was back today after an ortho appointment yesterday. My gosh! When my Jenny had braces, she never missed more than 1/2 day of school and this guys missed at least a day a week for something... and never does makeup work - did not even have his assignment from Friday in class completed. Did not have his reading log completed because "I didn't 'get' it." When pressed as to exactly what he did not get... he could not explain... well... the form has a table to write "Pages read at school" and "Pages read at home" - not exactly rocket science!! He drives me CRAZY - that is his patent excuse and the reality is he just really does not put forth much effort. He finally finished his unit test from when he was gone last Wednesday - he was supposed to come to my room at lunch Friday, Monday, today.... but conveniently forgot everyday so he had to finish in class today. He got 59%....the graphs were not even complete. He seems bright but is not "with"me in class -hates it when I call on him, even for the "easy" answers. GRRRR.... I have talked to mom... but that seemed to help for a couple of days and now that has worn off. Maybe I need to call again...

But.... my 2 guys who are "visiting" 7th grade for the second year... YAHOO!!! YIPEE!! They are on a streak - one got A- on his test, the other B-.. and they are working together in class, turning in work!!! Oh please, oh please,,, let it last - I even bribed - I will take them out to lunch if they get an A for the marking period - we are in the 3rd week of 6 this week and they both have a C, which is the HIGHEST grade for either in 7 marking periods these past 2 years. THey are both bright and can easily do the work.... oh please... oh please.... ???


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