Monday, November 24, 2003

I haven't blogged for a week and I really miss this time! Last week was a goofy week with me gone to a conference the last 3 days - the sub notes were mostly good. Only 2 suspensions while I was away - seems a small fight broke out in my room but the antagonist was no real surprise, I am sad to say.

A while back I gave the students in my math classes an assignment to bring in items for a taste test experiment/price comparison activity. I gave them plenty of time to get the stuff, a chance to bring a note from home if they were unable to bring it, reminders, etc... still, about 20 of my 80 did not bring anything! So much for planning something fun for the last 2 days before our break. I was mad, sad, disappointed... and the worst part, lots of "good" kids did not bring their items. In fact, some of those real characters that never have their homework, actually remembered to bring this stuff!

So now I am faced with the "what to do with them" problem - I had said they would sit in detention but there are too many to send! I copied icky "busy-work" worksheets but I HATE that! It is inherently against my grain to give math as punishment. I cannot let them participate - it is unfair to those who were responsible. I feel like Scrooge...

The conference was OK- a lot of the info was above my head... it was geared to more the Tech reps for districts but had a ton of great info about NCLB, writing tech plans, using technology to improve student achievement, testing, standards/curriculum alignment,etc. The best part is always the away from school bonding. The 4 of us who went are friends anyway so we made the most of the 5 hours each way there and home catching up, laughing, gossiping - calling the principal the catch him up on our antics... you just got to love cell phones! I feel revived and refreshed!

THe kids complained the sub said they were idiots, but this was from 2 young men who today, well.... let's just say that would not be an entirely incorrect label based on their behaviors in class today - of course, I dealt with it a bit differently than she but I know them also. Still, I feel uncomfortable with that. Maybe I will mention it to the principal tomorrow.

I am reading the book recommended on the listserve "What Great Teachers Do Differently" - what a wonderful read - interesting - thought-provoking - eye-opening... I do so much well... I do so much horridly..... Life is a learning process, a growing event... teaching is the same... I shall continue to strive to become a "great" teacher.... and person... especially in the lives of these kids I see daily...

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