Monday, November 03, 2003

Just another Manic Monday.... but actually, all in all, a quiet one at the ole' 7th grade ranch. Only 1 kiddie absent... the others must have been coming down off their Halloween candy high because even in social studies class, I had 4 sleepers. I tried to wake them each, at least twice, and then decided maybe they needed the sleep more than ss at that time. And, 2 of the sleepers were 2 of the usually more hmm... shall we say "irritating" students so it was actually blessed relief.

Friday I sent home progress reports to all students with below 70% in my classes. 28 progress reports for 80 math students and 28 social studies students. But the change was dramatic today - most students received them Saturday - I had parent notes, kids with planners for me to sign, kids looking for makeup work. It was amazing!

but... WHY DON'T PARENTS LOOK AT POWERSCHOOL??? Why don't they stay on top of their kids daily/weekly instead of waiting for those once a marking period progress reports and report cards? I try to keep parents informed but it is difficult to contact them all regularly and when I know they can access their child's grade via phone or internet, I am reluctant to use my time to inform them. There are so many other pressing things I could be doing school wise. Do parents just assume 7th graders will be responsible on their own?

Then there was the young man who loudly asked why I sent him a postcard for his A on his social studies test... (he also got a progress report for his 40 some percent in math..) Must have been his first because I try to send psotcards for any test scores that are A or dramatic improvements. But he was cute... embarassed and proud... then even asked to go to library in AR - got a HUGE book way above his level but insists he wants to read it - will finish it... he has 3 weeks...

My classes are so unbalanced - 1st hour 28 kids - quiet for the most part... 2nd hour - 22 kids - loud group, inclusion kids in there - not that they are at all behavior problems because they are great kids - 3rd hour is the dreaded social studies with 28 kids - AR is up to 32 (with 30 tables/chairs) - and then last hour is 29 again... too bad the scheduling is so difficult to make equitable. I miss the years with 20-22 kids each hour :-(

As teaching days go, I shall not complain about this one - the smiles and positive attitudes to start the week certainly make for a good start for me. Of course knowing Wednesday I have off, and a snowstorm predicted for tonight help also!!


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