Thursday, November 06, 2003

No great insights tonight - just 2 days without my student to reflect upon. I have a horrid case of laryngitis - just a occasional squeak to join my whisper - as my college- aged daughter and loving husband, and well, even the dog, taunt me about my lack of voice. Me... the ultimate chatterbox - unable to speak!! It is too terrible to be true!

Tomorrow I will go back to school with or without a voice. I shudder to think of the chaos which ensued without me there today. My babies were measuring the height and arm span of each other and recording this data along with that of all their classmates. They will then create scattergrams and make some observations about these. I am quite certain it was something near a 3-ring circus today. Not as a reflection on the sub, whoever it was, but give 30 7th graders 25 foot measuring tapes to measure each other... I can only imagine what was measured :-)

Snow storm on the way tomorrow - close to 10 inches in the next 24 -36 hours.... the kids will be all CRAZY with the barometer change! and me unable to raise my voice - what a great lesson for them and me...

now if I can stop coughing long enough to sleep tonight.. after Survivor of course!!

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