Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I love my job I love my job.... somedays I keep repeating it hoping to make it true, and other days like today, it is so true I almost get chills :-)

Nothing really special - I don't know why somedays it seems so good... today in math kids had a short worksheet packet on interpreting graphs - no biggie - after that, they were working on digging graphs from magazines. I have piles of old magazines (I am a subscription junkie...) in crates - they dug through Time, Discover, Better Homes & Gardens, Time for Kids, Alaska, Reader's Digest, etc... finding all kinds of graphs - now they will glue their graphs on paper with explanations of what is shown in the graph and why the type of graph was chosen for its particular purpose. THey were so "into" looking for graphs it was almost funny!

Social studies - our first 2 US geograohy videos - the introductory overview and the Pacific West - WOW! I cannot believe how much info is packed into those 2o minutes videos - what beautiful photography! The kids loved them. I hope they make it through the entire set - we watch 2 a day for the remainder of the week. If today is any indication, they will beg for more!

so, I love my job, I love my job....

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