Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The kids are back!! The kids are back!! It was a great first half day, ups and downs and twists and turns, to be sure, but overall it went wonderfully.

Being in the high school is strange beyond strange. I cannot even describe what a different vibe I get over there. It isn't bad, at all. Just different. Being the 2nd string in the classroom is a new feeling as well. It will take some getting used to I am sure.

Seeing so many old faces in new places was exciting. Seeing their faces light up when they realized I would be there with them, realizing for some of them, I was their comfort zone, really melted my heart.

Seeing the 8th graders I won't have again this year, melted my heart as well.. just in a bad way. I was sad seeing all of that group I loved so much, knowing I gave up the chance to teach them again.

My own 2 classes went fine. We only had half an hour, so not much to go right or wrong. We played a couple of quick math games and just chitchatted the time away. I can tell just from the multiplication bingo we played though, some of them have skills too low to be where they are. 8th grade prealgebra is going to be so far over their heads, we are in for rough waters. I am not quite sure how to adequately prepare 8 kids for algebra 1 in high school next year, while I basically babysit 4 more, with skills so low they will NEVER be able to make it to algebra.

Being in with other teachers was always an interesting part of my job. I've long said I learned as much from the 'bad' teachers as I did from the 'good' ones. Today was no different. The way some of the teachers interacted with their new classes, making them feel wanted and welcome, versus the others, who acted as if each and every child were evil and destined to become delinquents, was just amazing. From the ones who say, "My goal is for every kid to pass" to the ones who say, "my way or the highway"... the stark contrast is simply amazing.

And...... their dealings with me are just as stark. The ones who say, "Can you help me with __________" or, we'll have to sit down and talk about how we want our class to look" to the ones who say nothing, just acting as if you are as invisible as the wall, or as evil as the students.

Ahh.. yes, it is going to be an interesting year.

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