Thursday, September 02, 2010

School starts next Tuesday for us, the day after Labor Day, just like always. However, we don't know what time school starts! Apparently, the union is still negotiating this issue. Come on... for crying out loud. DOES IT REALLY MATTER??

I understand the school of thought that if we give a minute here, they'll just take another one there. And, sometimes, it is probably true.

However, the ridiculousness of it all frustrates me to no end. Pick a time and go with it. A fair number of our teachers show up late no matter what the contractual start time is. Wouldn't it be more productive for both sides to deal with THAT issue instead of arguing about an arbitrary time no one abides by. Most teachers arrive early, the remainder straggle in when they get to get to school, so why waste time arguing?

It seems to me the amount of time spent on trivial issues could be better spent dealing with true issues - curriculum, effective teaching methods, classroom management, behavior issues, bullying plans, how to meet the needs of our ever changing student population with ever shrinking funds....

Until unions are ready to really support teachers, truly promote quality instruction, and rally to have adminstrators be the driving instructional leadership force in our schools, I will struggle to support them.

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