Thursday, September 30, 2010

The school year finally feels as if it is starting to settle in. I'm no longer wondering how to tweak my schedule to make it work. I no longer have to stop and wonder where I headed next when the bell rings.

Parts of my new job I am enjoying tremendously. I love working with kids who NEED me. I like the feeling that I am pushing them further and faster than they have ever been pushed before. Finding ways to teach them grade level material is a challenge but I am impressed at how hard they are working to meet my expectations. Today was our 3rd prealgebra quiz. ALL of them (except the one who slept and refused to take the quiz) ACED it!!! They were so proud of themselves. I was so proud of them. It is honest to goodness 8th grade prealgebra content. AND THEY DID IT!!!

I know my students are overwhelmed in their regular ed classes, and for that part, I feel badly. The one little girl was working on studying for her history test today in guided study. She was frustrated that I wouldn't/couldn't sit with her and study one on one. Finally, at one point, she mumbled, "I miss being in special ed." I bet she does. I can only imagine how difficult this transition has been for some of these students, going from a self-contained environment, to the big bad real world, in the blink of an eye.

I do miss my own classroom and that feeling of my own domain, my own little kingdom, doing things MY way. Being in with other teachers, watching them teach, can be exciting and interesting, but just as often, it can be frustrating. I know when the content confuses me, it must confuse my students. I know when I am bored and near nodding off, so must the students be.

But I am getting to the point in the year it is truly becoming about the kids. The dust is settling on things that matter not as much and the routine of me and my expectations, them and their personalities, are all begining to find their happy medium. It won't be long and it will be June.... and they will be moving up and on.... Can we make it to the finish line by then??? I don't know for sure, but the momentum sure feels like it is picking up!

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Thanks for your blog, My daughter just started middle school this year, and although we are in a different state, it's still entertaining to see the middle school world from a teacher's perspective!